The truth about Reiki

The intention behind this short article is to shed light on some basic principles that underpin the System of Reiki founded by Mikao Usui.

Reiki doesn’t make you sick

The body is in a continuous process of purification and the System of Reiki supports this process. In fact, when the energy that has been stagnant in the body starts to move, a purification process begins which can often be perceived as tingling, sharp pain, energy waves, etc. These sensations, that are experienced as minor ailments or diseases, indicate that the energy has been stimulated, it is moving in the body and in some cases can rise to strong or mild sensations depending on the person. When this happens, it is important to support this process by undertaking more reiki treatments so that the purification process continues and the person’s energy can flow freely through the body.

Reiki is not a practice of secrets, rules and it is not a religion

A Reiki teacher does not impose anything on students, nor does he offer advice on what to wear or how to go about life. A reiki practitioner is not in charge of advising clients or students about their health.

Reiki is not a religion: there is no God in this practice. Reiki is a spiritual journey that reconnects us with our soul and with the peace present in each of us; therefore it can be practiced by anyone regardless of the religion in which one believes.

During a reiki treatment, there is not exchange of energy between the person that is receiving a treatment and the reiki practitioner. The latter acts more like a channel for Reiki universal energy healing to flow.

Chakra alignment is not part of the System of Reiki 

Among the teachings left by Mikao Usui we recognize: the principles of reiki, mantras and symbols, attunements, reiju, reiki treatments and meditation. Everything that does not fall within the reiki system has been put together by other reiki practitioners or teachers who have felt the need to create complementary systems or combine other holistic disciplines to Reiki. I personally believe that the Reiki System founded by Mikao Usui, is a very broad and profound spiritual journey and complementary therapy that does not need to be “strengthened” by other systems.

Reiki should be free

Reiki: universal energy is free. However, if you receive a reiki treatment or take a reiki course to learn the Reiki System, you are paying for the professionalism of the practitioner and teacher, their level of study, and the time they have dedicated to their practice.

There is no need to believe in Reiki for it to work 

Believing in Reiki is not necessary for it to have a positive effect. The universal energy works regardless of an individual’s beliefs or skepticism.

A Reiki treatment is not a massage 

A Reiki treatment is a non-invasive healing technique that involves light touch or hands hovering over the body, without manipulation of muscles or tissue.

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Author: Alessandra Colace Last Updated: 30 June 2023

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