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A Unique Christmas Present

If you are looking for a Unique Christmas Present, you got to the right place!

We look forward to customise your gift for the person that will undertake our service.

In addition to the above, we also look forward to give you a gift: for each service that you purchase, you will receive one (of your choice) for free.

Our Christmas Services:

-On-line Mindfulness Session, 30 minutes, £30.

-On-line Yoga Breathing Session, 30 minutes, £30.

-Distant Reiki treatment, 45 minutes, £40.

Payment will be required in advance. An email will be sent, confirming that payment was successful and confirming the date and time of the session. The email will also include the Zoom’s link. (no zoom link is required for the Reiki treatment).

We look forward to speaking to you.



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