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Learning Reiki

Learning Reiki London

Learning Reiki is a unique journey because it is a very personal one!
Anyone can learn this simple system of natural healing, we welcome you to start or deepen your knowledge with us.

Mikao Usui seems to have often customised his teaching to meet the individual requirements of his students, however nowadays reiki is taught on three levels.

Reiki Level 1- the beginner’s teachings (Shoden in Japanese) which includes:
basic palm-healing techniques;
breathing, cleansing and meditation techniques;
the Reiki Principles.

Reiki Level 2- the deeper teachings (Okuden in Japanese) which includes:
advanced and more intuitive palm-healing techniques;
more breathing and meditation;
a deeper look at the principles;
three symbols and mantras;
requirements for practicing reiki professionally.

Master/Teacher Level (Shinpiden-the mystery teachings) or (Shihan- Teacher) which includes:
a master attunement;
even more breathing and meditation;
a deeper look at all teachings from previous levels;
the Master symbol and mantra;
how to give attunements/reiju;
how to teach Reiki.

The above courses take place in Zambrone, 10 km away from Tropea in Calabria, Southern Italy.
If you are interested in one of the above courses, I invite you to get in touch by filling in the below form.

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