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A set of 4 Online Mindfulness Sessions

Mindfulness practice is the action of deliberately bringing one’s attention in the present moment without judgement.

Various scientific researches have found that practicing mindfulness can have an incredibly positive impact on people’s health reducing stress, anxiety and depression and also improving focus, resilience and communication.

We offer a set of four online mindfulness sessions, designed for everyone and to help employees opening up to the awareness of the breath, body, sounds and emotions. Therefore, slowly helping moving away from fight-or-flight mode into a more relaxed state of mental clarity and calm.

Each session lasts 30 minutes and the the cost is £30 per participant.

Each session is structured as follows: 5 minutes introduction, 20 minutes guided mindfulness session and last 5 minutes for any questions.

Employees that have attended these sessions have confirmed that “it helped to completely switch off and relax, reduce anxiety and refresh the mind for the rest of the day“.

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