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Online Yoga Breathing Sessions

We teach a contemporary type of  Pranayama (Yoga Breathing) called “YOGABODY Breathing”, which focuses on simple and scientific exercises that anyone can use to quickly affect their autonomic nervous system, stress response, mood and energy levels. The objective is to empower practitioners with this tool of self care.

We offer a set of four online breathing sessions as follow:

Session one: 4:4 Balance Breathing practice as part of the “Water Breathing Category” – to balance nerves and steady the mood at any time;

Session two: 4:8 Relaxing Breathing practice as part of the “Whiskey Breathing Category”– to crush stress and anxiety and to sleep better;

Session three: Breath of Fire practice as part of the “Coffee Breathing Category”– to wake up, prepare for exercise and naturally energize. To be undertaken on an empty stomach. This session will end with diaphragmatic breathing exercises.

Session four: a re-cap of all breathing practices and how they affect our autonomic nervous system.

Our practices are accessible to everyone and no experience is necessary.

This set of four on-line sessions costs £360.


Employees that have attended these sessions have confirmed that: “they were using the breathing techniques in their lives after the sessions, and that it had helped them to alleviate work stresses“.


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