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Online Yoga Breathing Workshop

Yoga Breathing is a safe and natural way to quickly affect the autonomic nervous system and it has been practiced for thousands of years. We teach a contemporary Yoga Breathing style called “YOGABODY” which focuses on simple and scientific exercises that anyone can use to quickly affect their autonomic nervous system. This modern approach demystifies the practices and focuses on real-world science and results.


Health Benefits:

Reduce stress and anxiety;
Improve mental focus;
Boost digestion;
Improve sleep;
Balance your energy.


We offer a single online workshop, which includes both practical and theoretical knowledge of the below three main breathing categories and how these affect the autonomic nervous system and therefore improving health:

Water Breathing – to balance your nerves, and steady your mood any time;

Whiskey Breathing – to crush stress and anxiety, and to sleep better;

Coffee Breathing – to wake up, prepare for exercise, and naturally energize.



Our Yoga Breathing services are very simple and accessible to everyone, no experience is necessary.

The online workshop lasts 60 minutes.

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