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Yoga Classes – Asana

Practicing Asanas: yoga postures, not only tones the muscles, improves flexibility, posture and spinal alignment but has a profound impact on the endocrine glands, balancing hormone secretion and restoring mental and emotional well-being.
During the practice of asanas, the attention is not on the vigor of the execution but on the correct posture and breathing; the flow of the movement is gentle but persistent in order to create a light pressure on the cells, on the organs and on the chakras.

Emphasis is given to create classes that are as authentic as possible to the way yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, different from the modern approach which tends to reduce the philosophy and techniques to a simple “style of yoga”.
In modern terms, asanas are performed by holding them for an extended period of time (Hatha) or in a dynamic flow and with a shorter hold of the poses (Vinyasa).

The classes are based on the classical Rajadhiraja tradition of Tantric Yoga, which takes into account ancient knowledge on the balancing effect that asanas bring to our hormonal system and chakras.
Classes are suitable for both beginners and yogis.

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