Let’s make the most of Summer Solstice

Over the last four years, since I consciously started my spiritual awakening, I have been experiencing more and more subtle energies and therefore attracted to celebrating and connecting to Equinoxes and Solstices, which are very important moments in the year.
So far, it has been a such beautiful journey in deepening the understanding that we, as a species, dance along the same melody of Mother Nature, coexisting along with the earth, the plants, the animals, the weather and the stars.
As we are approaching the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, I would like to share my way of honouring this special time and how I try to make the most of it.

First of all, what is a Summer Solstice?

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year with the shortest night. The word Solstice comes from the latin word solstitium: ”Sol”, which means “the sun” + the past participle of ”sistere”: “stand still, take a stand or cause to stand.” Therefore, solstice it means a point at which the sun seems to stand still.
According to BBC Science Focus, this year’s Summer Solstice will happen on the 21st of June at 3:58pm BST in the UK and 10:58am ET / 7:58am Pacific Time. Therefore, the solstice happens in a precised moment in which the sun seems to stand still at the northernmost point of the equator, also known as the Tropic of Cancer. After this time, the sun will slowly begin its journey south and days will slowly get shorter.

Recognizing that we are intrinsically part of this special moment of the year

The Summer Solstice is the opportunity to deepen our spiritual awakening, turning within and allow ourselves to reconnect to our true-selves while, consciously or unconsciously, withdrawing the strong energy of this season.
The beauty of it, is that it doesn’t matter which religion we believe or spirituality we follow, the subtle energy of the Summer Solstice and the months approaching this time of the year, naturally and intrinsically embraces us all.
For example, take a moment to notice the abundance of food during this time of the year, given by the wealth of light and energy of the sun. It is the time to acknowledge how blessed we are, in being nourished by the sun.

Consciously opening up to it

In order to consciously make the most of this powerful period, it is important to keep our vibration high. At the core of it, it is necessary to deepen our awareness of being a body, mind and spirit.
In addition to my daily routine of practicing yoga, reiki and mindfulness, here is a short list of things that help me connecting to my higher self from the end of Spring throughout Summer:

-eating and being grateful of local and seasonal fruits and vegetables;
-spending time in nature: going for a hike, reading a book while laying down under a tree, looking at the stars in the evening and listening to the summer nature’s sounds (very easy nowadays that I have relocated in Calabria- Southern Italy);
-going to the beach and mindfully connecting and honoring the elements of sun and water, while having a dip in the sea and then let the sun heat up my body and recharging my aura;
-undertaking rituals that honor the sun, such us having a bonfire (in a safe place), burning sage, lighting a candle.

Lastly, whether you have already experienced it or not, I really recommend to:
-explore meditation practices in nature;
-honor and connect to your body and soul practicing yoga asana and pranayama, qigong, undertaking a reiki treatment in the woods or on the beach;
-spending quality time with likeminded people.

May the Summer Solstice be a time of renewal and deep connection for all of us!

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Author: Alessandra Colace Last Updated: 16 June 2023

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